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INJURAD’s objective is to make the secure purchase of a house available to everyone regardless of the value of the property. And to provide clear and honest information on the property’s legal status.

Injurad and "nobody" else?

In the home buying business every professional uses his own working method and his own interpretation of how things are done. That’s not exactly good for the reliability of the advice. Standard practice and some supervision is required to give buyers certainty. INJURAD, using a Facebook group consisting of some 10,000 homeowners and buyers, has been able to share in their experience. What better organisation to represent your interests than one founded by people who have gone through the problems themselves? INJURAD is not just the first organisation to focus entirely on protecting buyers, it’s the only one. We want to make a valuable contribution to a secure housing market. That’s why INJURAD and nobody else.


Founders story:

Strict conditions for professionals

It’s compulsory for professionals performing our checks to adhere to our strict conditions. They have to be independent, not part of INJURAD and must be willing to work under supervision according to our rules. INJURAD asks a lot from professionals thereby providing maximum buyer protection.

Without a written, signed report from a professional, there’s no certainty. INJURAD has developed a standard for all checks to which all professionals must adhere, so that you can be certain all important aspects have beenexamined.
INJURAD is not a group of professionals looking out for their own interests, but an organisation that wants to make secure house purchase possible for everyone. We have clear rules; independence, security, respect for the law, integrity and a work ethic. The integrity code must be accepted by each executive professional each time a check is carried out.
Practice or behaviour that breaches our rules, including violations of our protocols, will be penalised. The regulations have to be accepted by all professionals. Complaints can be communicated via a form and INJURAD will then act upon this. If you have had a check carried out, you will receive this form.
INJURAD randomly double-checks if the checks comply with the protocols, rules and quality standards. This is a preventative measure in order to maximise performance from our professionals with respect to every report. The checks are there to limit any free interpretation by the professionals. However, INJURAD cannot perform a content-related check on whether the information supplied and applied is correct. That’s the responsibility of the executive professionals and the contractor.
The laws in Spain are constantly changing. INJURAD is fully focused on the real estate market, specialising in the legal and urban aspects of the transaction. Due to the exchange of knowledge, our affiliated professionals are among the best-informed professionals in Spain. This sharing of knowledge and experience benefits both buyers and professionals.


Are you being pressured to sign a contract?
Lack of ethics in the housing market. Is Injurad any different?
Can I do completely without professionals?
Does using a broker offer more security?
Why should you still retain control even when using your own professionals?

How do we achieve our goal?

Supervision & ethics

Professionals have to follow protocols, submit to audits and accept our code of ethics and rules.


A standard format preventing free interpretation and ensuring that all important aspects are investigated.

Constant evaluation

The processes and the professionals are subject to constant evaluation. Delivering high quality


All checks are recorded in a report, which is regularly scrutinised. We have high standards (see conditions for professionals)

Collective knowledge

Experience and knowledge are exchanged in Injurad’s Knowledge Centre. Huge added value for clients and the improvement of quality.

National coverage

We work nationally, taking national legislation and local regulations into
account, making secure house purchase possible for everybody.

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